World Of Duduk


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Get inspired by unique phrases, vibratos and pads of the armenian duduk.

Full Kontakt version 5.8.2 required

369 MB (unpacked)

World Of Duduk

The armenian duduk has grown in popularity ever since it was featured in films such as Avatar, Gladiator or pirates of the caribbean. We took this as an Inspiration and created a library with over 150+ beautiful phrases performed by experienced duduk players.


In addition to the phrases, there are also single notes and a pad mode with which you can create your own melodies and articulations.


We captured the traditional emotional woodwind sound of the armenian duduk 



The modern interface is divided into 4 sections:

First of all there is the preset section which allows you to choose between vibrato mode, pad mode and one of the 6 phrase modes.

The second section is the sample section which shows you the actuall played sample and give you the opportunity to change sample start, pitch and speed.


Bottm left you will find the regulators for attack, decay, sustain and release.

Last but not least on bottom right you will find the knobs to change reverb, delay, filter and with.