The small library with a powerfull staccato violin ensemble - the mighty staccato strings.

Full Kontakt version required

Mighty Staccato Strings

VAT Included
  • The intention behind the mighty staccato strings was to create a warm & realistic staccato library. The recordings took place in a large theater room in germany with 4 professional violin players and different models of violins.


    You can choose between 2 variant sounding strings sections who gives you the possibility to create incredible variations.


    In the official trailer you hear the natural sound from the Mighty Staccato Strings library without any effects.

  • A minimalistic GUI ensures clear and simple operation.

    The 4 knobs allows you to adjust attack, release, reverb & delay.


    A low CPU usuage provides your computer a good performance without any memory problems.


    If you are searching for a clean and dynamic staccato sound, the Mighty Staccato Strings library is the first choice for you.